Zane is the son of broly and his mother is unkown. Zane is not as powerful as the other Elites  ,but he excellent strategist.He is by far the smartest of the Saiyan Elite's. He uses his advanced knowledge to out think opponents,but occasionally he can over this as well.I  He is the rival to Tenzai for he has always thought he was too care free and

Zane at age 17

impatient e. His best friend is Cam.

Appearance Edit

He has black spiked hair like a super saiyan and wears his fathers necklace a modern white shirt and black pants.  To counter his lower power level Zane wears the brackets of Thunder and the lighting boots. They boost  his strength and speed around the average power level to his fellow Elite's.


Imagine Donatello(fromTMNT) as a saiyan that's what Zane is like.

Power levelEdit

His power level changes qs he gets older

Age 17 base Average : 1,000 

Age 18 base(after learning super saiyan) Average : 10,000

Age 19 base(after going super saiyan 2) Average: 50,000 

Age 20 base(after going super saiyan 3) Average: 100,999 

Age 21 base Average:1,000,122


                                                                                                                     Super Saiyan 3

Super Saiyan(2): under ss3


Super Saiyan 3 Zane

Raditz super saiyan 3 by Gothax

Super Saiyan Zeke fighting against Tenzai