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Tenzai at age 17

Ultimate Alien warrior's Tenzai is the son of Genki and Pan,and a member of The Saiyan Elite's.He is 2/3 saiyan and 1/3 Traxer.He is Also the best friend to Spirit. Although having ADHA Tenzai is by far the fastest learning and fastest growing power level.

Appearance Edit

He has back spiked hair with natural red highlights he usually wears a black gi with a red under shirt,black pants and black and red boots



Tenzai in Alternate Gi

Personality Edit

Like his Uncle Tenzai suffers from ADHA and his not really serious.He has to  be often  reminded by Spirit of the other elites.

Power LevelEdit

Tenzai has a range of power levels as he gets older

Age 17 base: 1,000 

Age 18 base:2,000,000


Super Traxer:As seen in picture under base

Coming Soon!


Tenzai in Super Traxer at time chamber