Cam at age 19

Cam is a Saiyan hybrid(half human).Although his parents are unknown,he also has no recollection of his past. Cam is also the rival of Spirit and a member of the Saiyan Elite's. He is the second best friend of Tenzai.His best friend is Zane  although he has the same feeling he doesn't show it.

Appearance Edit

He wears Saiyan armour,he has short black spiked hair , a tail,and a sword.

Personality Edit

He is a lot like Vegeta having a lot of pride and takes crap from no one.Even known to slap Vegeta for talking junk. He is cocktail and arrogant and will let his opponents reach their full power to test his own limits.

Cam sword pointed

Power levelEdit

His power level changes over time

Age 19 Average :1,000 

Age 20 Average:100,999 

Age 21 Average: 302,000

Age 22 Average(After achieving Ultimate or Mystic Form) : 604,000 

Age 23 Average:1,002,348

Current Average: 2,000,000 


Full power: under Ultimate Form

Ultimate Cam(Only received from old kai so ritual at age 22 also known as Mystic Cam)


Ultimate or Mystic Cam

Coming Soon! 


Cam Full power