Cam walked up to Spirit after training in the Gravity room."You know I think there should be a new leader of the Elites."

Spirit replies:"You know, I don't think we need one"

"I have had enough of being the second in this group,lets settle this once and for all." Cam says grinning

"Ok then! You wanted so, you got so!" Spirit replies angry

Spirits StatsEdit



Power Level: 2.002.000



Fighting Style: Dragon

Cam StatsEdit





Fighting Style:Lion

Power Level:1,800,000

Fighting Time!Edit

(Teleports behind Cam)

Cam then kicked at Spirit but it was dodged and he countered the dodge and punched Spirit in the gut

(Spirit powers up to SS and fires kli blasts at Cam)

The ki blast exploded on came and out of the dust Cam launched a Final Flash at Spirit

(Spirit made energy barrier to block attack and jumps in the air and fires Galick Gun)

Cam Teleports out of the way only to get punched by Spirit,but was countered with a ki blast to the face

Spirit makes huge ball and trows it to Cam

Cam uses his sword to slice the ball in half,then punches at Spirit but it is dodged

Both of them are tired. Spirit smiles: "It looks like we are match for each other"

"Looks like it,"Cam then grins"but looks can be deceiving." He then powers up."You see,while you where training in the gravity room I paid a visit to the old kai! No witness my ultimate form(he can go mystic at will) Cam transforms into Ultimate(Mystic) Form.